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Cranberry Cream Cheese Oatmeal Bars {Cooking with Tradition}

OK, so living here on the coast of Maine I can't but help love anything Cranberry! Here is the recipe for Cranberry Cream Cheese Oatmeal bars. Unbelievably fast and unbelievably delicious.


PS: the cream cheese layer has both cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk--what could be better?
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Worcester Wreath growing method leads to best balsam!

The secret to growing extraordinary balsam for wreaths is making sure the trees have plenty of sunlight so they produce "round brush instead of flat brush.


Worcester Wreath Co. takes great pride in being one of the few wreath makers in the world that grows its own balsam, which makes up at least 90 percent of every balsam product. Why is owning the land and trees so important to producing the best balsam? Just like people, balsam trees grow better with extra sunlight. Worcester Wreath thins out the trees on its land so that each tree gets maximum sunlight from all possible angles.
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"Worcester" about The Worcester Name

Film Friday Presents:
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Custom order or special request? No problem!

Worcester Wreath products make great gifts any time of the year, and we're happy to take orders for custom products.

We make a variety of balsam and twig wreaths that can decorate your house either year round or on special occasions. Our designer twig wreaths include a Gingham Rose twig wreath, a Patriotic Birch Petal twig wreath and the Outdoorsman Sweet Fern wreath.
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More About Worcester Wreath Company

Film Friday:
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Oh "brown" Banana {Mix it up Monday}

Yesterday sitting on my windowsill were 3 brown bananas...What to do with them?
I have a tasty long time family favorite recipe to share with you. 

PS. the whole recipe is made in one bowl = low mess!
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Growing our own balsam trees ensures top quality wreaths

Learn what separates Worcester Wreath Co. from the rest

Growing our own balsam trees at the Worcester Wreath Co. has made a huge difference in the quality of products that we can deliver to customers. When we started in business, like other wreath makers, we had to buy balsam from anybody that would gather and you got what they delivered, no matter what the quality. If it was inferior, you had to buy it, because we had to make the product anyway.
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Let's Take a Look at the Secrets of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Facts:


Valentine Clipart Images

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Farming For Wreaths

Film Clip Friday:

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The Symbolism of a Wreath

Although the balsam wreaths we make at Worcester Wreath Co. are most often associated with the Christmas season, the wreath itself has a rich history of symbolism.

Patriot Pair | Christmas Wreath  

In ancient Greece and Rome, wreaths were known as diadems, from the Greek "diadema," which means "a thing bound around." Wreaths were worn or hung to represent a person's occupation, rank and status.
Wreaths made of laurel were associated with the Greek god Apollo, known as the god of life and light. One myth describes Apollo's romantic pursuit of the nymph Daphne. She fled and asked for help from the river god, Peneus, who turned her into a laurel tree. From then on, Apollo wore a laurel wreath on his head, and the wreath became associated with the characteristics of Apollo --victory, achievement and status.
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Super Bowl Party Tips

Planning Your Super Bowl Party*

Don't Hold Back! We have got your food solution!!!

Touchdown Game Time Snacks Care Package
Sold at www.worcesterwreath.com

Super Bowl parties are one of the top at-home party events of the year. Super Bowl parties have become much more than a gathering of football lovers. In fact, many people attending these parties don't love football as much as they love the excuse to get together with friends at the end of the very boring month of January.
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It's All About The Balsam And Superbowl!

For over 40 years the Worcester Wreath Company has been producing quality balsam products, growing into the premier wholesaler of Maine wreaths, trees and centerpieces. 

Products made in Maine are known the world over for their quality craftsmanship.

For us it is "All about the Balsam!"

The Worcester family maintains it very own 4,000 acre forest of Balsam fir.

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Daily Shopping List - Day Two

Daily Shopping List - Day Two
Today-Mom and Dad
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Daily Shopping List - Day One

Why give Balsam-gift list run down
Check out our daily shopping list series.
Day One
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Balsam Wreaths - A Little Background

Mixed Greens WreathHow to make a wreath / A Little Background Please
The bible associates wreaths with joy, triumph and honor. 
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Winter Wonder Weddings

Winter White Wreath
Nothing is more beautiful than a winter wedding.
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Balsam Wreaths make perfect Christmas gifts!

Balsam wreaths make a great family tradition.
Classic Christmas WreathClick "Read More" to continue
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Balsam Christmas Centerpiece

Balsam centerpieces make great Thanksgiving hostess gifts.
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Classic Centerpiece
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The scent of balsam provides many pleasurable and soothing benefits.

Hello Karen again--
I just read the following " The scent of balsam provides many
pleasurable and soothing benefits.
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Christmas Balsam Pillow
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Tried and Tested Decorating and Gift Ideas

Karen Worcester here with a couple tried and tested decorating and gift ideas for the holiday.   - Click "Read More" to continue reading.
Tabletop Tree
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The Worcester Name

Karen explains the Worcester name and what it means to you.
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Worcester Wreath Logo
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What makes us so different?

Karen Worcester - answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Balsam Christmas Tree
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Welcome to the Worcester Wreath Blog!!
2010 has brought about many very exciting changes for all of us
here at Worcester Wreath.  Like this blog for example. 
Classic Wreath
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