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Welcome to the Worcester Wreath Blog!!
2010 has brought about many very exciting changes for all of us
here at Worcester Wreath.  Like this blog for example. 
Blogging is new to us here at Worcester Wreath -
but what better way to talk directly to our customers? 
Some of the things that will be happening here -
Letting all of you know of the new and exciting changes happening.
Introduction of new products - info on how we came up with some of the products,
 why we carry some of the things we do and the best features of our favorites.
We get alot of questions daily - we will try to address those here as well.
So if you have a question - send us an email, [email protected]
And finally we will be sharing special offers, random thoughts, pictures and
 videos from those of us here at Worcester Wreath. 
Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!