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{Try it Tuesday} Mother's Day Craft

Posted by S. on 5/1/2012
This pretty keychain will tell mom just how much you love her! With pretty colored beads and a personal message, your mom will cherish this gift. Be sure to visit our other great Mother's Day fun including crafts to make, cards for mom, and recipes to spoil her with on Mother's Day! What you'll need:Alphabet beads to spell "MY MOMS THE BEST" Colorful beads to fill in gaps (approximately 30-40) Colorful charm Keychain ring 24" stretchy jewelry cord, cut into two equal pieces How to make it:Line up the two pieces of jewelry cord side by side, then gather one end together and tie in a triple knot to the keychain ring. Thread 4-5 colorful beads onto one side of the jewelry cord. Thread on the letters T H and E, be sure they are facing the correct direction. Follow with 4-5 more colorful beads. Add the letters B, E, S and T. Add 4-5 more beads. Carefully set the finished cord aside, taping the end of the cord to the table will keep the beads from falling off. On the other string, add 3-4 colorful beads, then the letters M and Y. Next add 3-4 more colorful beads, and then the letters M, O, M and S. (See photo.) Add 5-6 more colorful beads. Lay the two strings along side each other and add beads to the shortest side to get them even. Holding the two ends of the jewelry cord as close to the last beads as possible, thread one last colorful bead onto BOTH strings. Run the string through the bead again by looping it through the top and pulling it tight. (See photo.) Tie the charm to the end of the string, knot it several times and trim ends. Don't trim it too close! Tips:For younger children you can use pony beads and larger alphabet beads as well as hemp or thicker jewelry cord. If you like, instead of the phrase, make up your own phrase or use your mom's first name. This keychain also makes a lovely addition to mom's work desk hanging on a pushpin! Thanks for the instructions!

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