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1. Pleat fold your sheet of scrapbook paper on the short side so that your pleats are 1 cm wide. Now fold the paper in half so that you have a half circle form. Glue the 2 ends together so that the circle will hold.
2. Print out the turkey template below (or a turkey template of choice) to a size that is 5.5 cm high. Transfer the pattern onto the brown cardstock and cut out.
3. Glue the turkey body onto the front side of the scrapbook paper.
4. Cut 2 brown cardboard strips to the size of 6.5 cm x 1 cm and glue these strips to each other. Now glue the turkey on these so that it will stand alone.
5. Cut out a small triangle shape and a small teardrop shape. Glue these onto the face of the turkey. Now adhere the two seed beads for the eyes.