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 This is not an easy task, but doing so insures the very highest quality products. By managing and grooming our own forest, we can control the the lush green color, its thick texture and overall health and strength of the needles.

This is what creates the wonderful aroma of the fresh forest in our products.

Our balsam is harvested in a sustainable manner to insure the growth of the forest for future generations. We harvest only the tips of the branches of the tree. Only a part of each branch is harvested to assure that the branch can produce another tip for a future harvest.

We also cut no more than half of the foliage in a single year to protect the strength of the tree.  We know that harvesting should be done every three years because cutting from a tree every year will weaken a tree and eventually kill it. 

Our products are made of over 90% balsam and can be prepared in 24 hours and shipped to your door. 

We take pride in our products and as a result we offer a 100% money back guarantee of a replacement Maine balsam product if you are not completely satisfied.

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