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Biblical references to balsam or balm probably refer to resin from trees grown in Arabia and the Holy Land. In the Bible, Genesis 37:25 refers to a caravan from Gilead carrying spices and balm. There are two references to balm of Gilead in the book of Jeremiah. We believe prayer is "balm for the soul," so it's fitting that prayer pillows have the aroma of balsam, which in modern times is used in aromatherapy to treat tension, depression, fatigue and respiratory problems. Balsam fir oil is used relieve muscle pain. There's no clear connection between the balsam tree in the ancient Holy Land and the balsam fir that grows in Maine, Canada and the northeastern U.S. However, the balsam fir got its name because of the resinous blisters that form on the a young balsam fir's bark. The prayer pillows from Worcester Wreath Co. are small enough to hold between hands clasped in prayer. A pouch is sewn into the front of the pillow with a clear panel to hold a special prayer or a small photo. All of the pillows are shipped with a standard prayer, and the pillows have various, religious-oriented patterns. You can order pillows at a new website, www.prayerscent.com. Worcester Wreath, based in Harrington, Maine, uses high quality balsam fir grown on its own 4,000-acre tree farm so it can properly care for its trees and assure the best possible quality in all of its products. The company harvests only branches and never cuts down an entire tree to make its products. All of its wreaths, garlands and other products are made in Maine. Key take-aways: Fragrant resin like that produced by balsam firs, has been used as a spice and healing balm since Biblical times. Call to Action: Order a balsam-scented prayer pillow at www.prayerscent.com. Resource Box: Worcester Wreath Co. makes the highest-quality balsam Christmas wreaths, garland and tabletop trees out of balsam grown on its own farm. All of its products are made in Maine. Visit us at www.worcesterwreath.com.