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It takes lots of effort to manage our 4,000 acre forest of Balsam fir, but the quality shows.  In harvesting our own balsam, making it into various finished products all within 24 hours, we can ship our Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, and beautiful Balsam centerpieces to your door guaranteeing the freshness and quality of every one of our products.  The fact is, every one of our products is made up of over 90% balsam.  We raise the World's best balsam.  Worcester Wreath is the only wreath company that manages its own forests to provide the freshest balsam in the industry.  By grooming the very best balsam for our products, we control its lush, dark green color, its thick texture, its needle health and strength, all of which adds to the aroma of that great forest scent.
Only part of each branch is harvested so that the branch can produce another tip for a future harvest.  We cut no more than half that foliage in a single year so that the tree can remain vigorous.  For maximum tip production harvesting should be done every three years.  Cutting from a tree every year will tap the vigor of the tree and eventually kill it.  Our balsam products are harvest in a sustainable manner so that our forest maintains its beauty year after year.