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The hand-sized pillows make gifts for just about any reason. If you know a soldier who's been deployed overseas, send a prayer pillow with a photo of his or her family. The balsam will smell like home. You can also give prayer pillows to the family and friends of deployed soldiers. If you know someone who's struggling or who's been ill, a prayer pillow is a wonderful reminder that someone is thinking about them and cares about them. They make nice wedding gifts, too, and can be put in drawers as a sachet. The prayer pillows from Worcester Wreath Co. are small enough to hold between hands clasped in prayer. A pouch is sewn into the front of the pillow with a clear panel to hold a special prayer or a small photo. All of the pillows are shipped with a standard prayer, and the pillows have various, religious-oriented patterns. The 3-inch-by-6-inch-by-1.5-inch pillow is made in a variety of fabrics, and Worcester Wreath is happy to consider requests for custom orders and designs. Visit www.prayerscent.com for more information. Worcester Wreath, based in Harrington, Maine, uses high quality balsam fir grown on its own 4,000-acre tree farm so it can properly care for its trees and assure the best possible quality in all of its products. The company harvests only branches and never cuts down an entire tree to make its products. All of its wreaths, garlands and other products are made in Maine.